Saturday, May 5, 2012

Where are we

The Nagas are in transition. These are being depicted by almost every walks of our life. One can see the blush of modernity yet there are many conventional practices from which we cannot part.

This is the Community Hall of a village. The building is constructed using reinforce concrete yet cannot part with the traditional Morung, which is displayed in the platform. Modern designed chair are being used for setting purpose. lattt

Latest technologies and blush vehicles are used in daily walks of life still traditional houses and Morung follows many festivals and social functions.
The locals looked at imported brands and amenities of life yet those who came to witness the activities of the locals enjoy our traditions and custom.
Even though youngsters gazed at modern fashion and ways of life yet still follows traditional handicraft. They are in a reinforce concrete terrace wearing latest fashion using traditional Dao and Nokleptsü, (used to carry the dao).
A young boy trying to make a traditional basket using bamboo tread but we can see modern tattoos in the arm with latest hairstyle.

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