Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Unspoken Language of Benny and the Kitty Cat

Puppy Benny and the Kitty Cat are best friends.
 They are never to be underestimated as pet animals. Their bound is beyond human language. They cannot speak as we do, but their action does a lot of talking about their love and affection for each other.

They were very young and cute when we first brought them into our home. As strangers they stared at each other, sniffed and chased around the kitchen as a way of introduction. They totally engaged every minute and hour in their curious, mischievous and playful nature.

However, after the sunset when evening came, they began to miss their Mum and their siblings, Kitty Meows while Benny barked.

When they could no longer find solace and comfort Kitty finally decided to curtail under Benny’s soft hair blanket.

 That became a routine life which ultimately grew into a very intimate relation.

They would even share food together.

Unlike Benny’s cousins they never quarreled over food.

Now that they are both mature caring Mums, they always share that unspeakable love and affection which always keeps them attached at all circumstances.

This is a small message to remind that animals too have feelings and emotions and they are not meant to be killed and feast for human pleasure.

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