Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Press Release.

Mokokchung Visual Diary’
Mokokchung, April 17: The Mokokchung Photography Club in collaboration with Goa-Centre for Alternative Photography (Goa-CAP) will be organizing a two week Photography workshop called ‘Mokokchung Visual Diary’ at Mokokchung town on the theme from April 21, 2012. The workshop will focus on creating visual storytelling, about the everyday life in Mokokchung.

Two professional photographers from the Goa-CAP have arrived in Mokokchung town to conduct the photography workshop. The two photographers – Edson Dias and Chaitanya Guttikar will be training and educating the participants on the basics of good photography.

The two will be training the participants on general photography, like how to use camera – both digital and analogue – mobile phones, and most importantly how to make pin-hole camera out of matchboxes and other disposable boxes. The workshop will cover a lot of subjects with regard to photography, and will include both theoretical and practical classes. The participants will be awarded certificates from the Goa-CAP.

The main focus of this Mokokchung Visual Diary will be training how to capture good pictures and how the photographer can tell stories through their photographs.
The Mokokchung Photography Club informs those interested and aspiring photographers to collect the registration forms Ao Milen office during office hours. There will be a nominal registration fee.

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