Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mokokchung Visual Diary kickoff

Mokokchung, April 22: The long awaited Mokokchung Visual Diary workshop began on April 21 at Mokokchung Press Club office. A joint venture of Goa-CAP and Mokokchung Photography Club.
The orientation program was chaired by Senti and Goa-CAP members Edson Dias and Chaitanya Guttikar explained the details on how the workshop will be conducted and the requirements about the program.
They said there will be alternate class and practical sessions for the whole course where they will teach from the basics of photography to more advanced photography.
They also explained about the organizing of World Pinhole Day in Mokokchung and the concept of pinhole camera. They also mentioned about the exhibition to be held on that day. Moreover, Goa-CAP will be doing a camera project which will be one of the first in the world which they will unveil during the Moatsü festival at the Ungma Village. It is worth mentioning that Moatsü festival is one of the premier festivals of the Ao tribe in Nagaland.
Moatsü is celebrated on the first day of May, at the onset of Spring. It is more of a Spring festival where in olden times forefathers prayed to God for plentiful harvest. 
A Press note from the Mokokchung Photography Club stated that the venue for the ongoing workshop is changed to a new location since a larger number of participants have turned out than expected and will be conducting the workshop at Eastern Talkies from 3:30 PM onward

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